Runtime Verification Inc Completes Second Security Audit of Algodex

Algonaut Capital Corporation, the soon-to-be parent company of Algodev and its Algodex platform, is pleased to announce that the second security audit of Algodex has been completed. The audit was performed by Runtime Verification Inc, an official security partner of the Algorand Foundation.

The Algodev team had engaged Runtime Verification Inc to audit the Algodex platform’s code to ensure its integrity and reduce risk of exploitation. This is a necessary step to ensure Algodex’s security and user experience stay at a high standard as it approaches its Mainnet release.

The audit was performed over two weeks by Mihai Calancea, taking place between December 6, 2021 and December 17, 2021. During that period Runtime Verification Inc proposed the addition of on-chain checking safeguards to Algorand smart contracts as well as four informative suggestions. All the proposals and suggestions made by Runtime Verification Inc have been considered, and potential vulnerabilities resolved.

Runtime Verification Inc’s full audit report can be found here.

The first security audit, of similar scope, was completed in September, 2021.


Algonaut Capital Corporation is the soon-to-be parent company of Algodev and its Algodex platform. Algodex is a virtual asset service provider that gives users control over their transactions of Algorand Standard Assets. With the platform, users can trade their Algorand Standard Assets and maintain control over the price they choose to transact at.


Jeff Callaway, CEO, Algonaut Capital Corporation
Alexander Trefonas, CEO, Algodev, Inc.

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