Algonaut Capital completes acquisition of Algodev, Inc

February 3, 2022 – Algodev, Inc., the development company behind the Algodex platform, has been acquired by Algonaut Capital Corporation effective February 3, 2022. Algodev is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Algonaut Capital.

Alexander Trefonas, the founder of Algodev and Algodex, will serve as the Chief Technology Officer of Algonaut Capital and continue to develop and advance the Algodex platform and lead the Algodev team. Trefonas is an experienced software engineer with expertise on Algorand.

Jeffrey Callaway, the founder of Algonaut Capital, will continue to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of Algonaut Capital. Callaway is a seasoned executive with CEO roles at High Ground Medica, Blacksteel Energy, and a finance background with capital markets experience for over 20 years.

The merger serves to provide the newly combined company with greater flexibility in legal and fundraising efforts, a necessary step as the Mainnet release of Algodex approaches.


Algonaut is a private Alberta company which provides shareholders with exposure to the Algorand blockchain, cryptocurrency and ecosystem. Algonaut has positioned itself to benefit from the growing adoption of crypto technology as it evolves from theoretical to everyday practical use. Algonaut owns a significant stake in the Algodex marketplace which is a unique software that uses a decentralized approach with limit orders allowing parties to connect on a peer to peer basis.


Jeff Callaway, CEO, Algonaut Capital Corporation
Alexander Trefonas, CTO, Algonaut Capital Corporation

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