Algonaut Capital Completes Algodex Token Presales, Raises Additional $4.125 Million

May 13, 2022 – Algonaut Capital Corporation, the parent company of Algodex, is pleased to announce the completion of its presales of the Algodex Token (ALGX). Algonaut has received aggregate proceeds of USD$4,125,000 from the latest financings. Algonaut has now raised a total of USD$6.64 million to date.

Participants of the offerings include Black Dragon, SolrDAO, Flow Investments, and SK Capital. The Algonaut team is delighted by such great interest and support for Algodex as the token launch for ALGX approaches.


Algodex is a virtual asset service provider that gives users control over their transactions of Algorand Standard Assets, which are tokens that exist on the Algorand blockchain. With the platform, users can trade their Algorand Standard Assets and maintain control over the price they choose to transact at. The platform uses an order book system with limit orders to place trades, and the technology is fully decentralized, making use of smart contracts on the Algorand blockchain network to hold and transact all the orders. The Algodex platform launched onto Mainnet in mid-February.


The Algodex Token is targeted to launch on May 31, 2022, and will be an asset on the Algorand blockchain. The token will serve as governance and for future rewards on the platform. Please stay tuned for further developments.


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