Permissionless Token Listings on Algodex

By Adam Ulisnyak

What are Permissionless Token Listings?

Permissionless token listings are exactly how it sounds – you can list your project’s token on our exchange without permission!

The main reason projects list their tokens is to raise funds for their project in an initial token listing. Algorand has lately seen a spike in token listings as many new projects are beginning to pop up. Algorand has been a hotspot for new tokens, as the Algorand blockchain is extremely fast, inexpensive, and requires minimal technical know-how to create an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA).

As an example, consider the fictitious token, “ABC Token.” ABC Token was recently listed on Algodex so the project could receive funding. When listing a token, you don’t have to list every single minted token – only the amount you want to sell. Also, you get to decide if you want to list it at one price or multiple prices. Below is a screenshot of ABC’s sell-side order book for their token. Note that by using Algodex, ABC did not have to provide buy-side orders for their token (as they would on an AMM).

Order Book of the Fictitious “ABC Token”

Why List on Algodex?

  1. It’s completely free.
  2. You only have to post sell-side liquidity (unlike AMMs).
  3. It does not require any sign-up.
  4. You do not need permission.
  5. It’s easy! Just follow our guide!

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