Setting up your Algodex Trading Bot

By Adam Ulisnyak

Last week we released the Algodex Trading Bot, which was created for users who would like to add liquidity to Algodex and start earning rewards from our Algodex Liquidity Rewards Program. In this blog post, we would like to provide an overview of this trading bot, how it works, and some of the features.


The complexity of the Liquidity Rewards Program made it difficult for users to determine if they qualified for rewards. Our trading bot makes it much easier – the bot directly tells you if your current settings qualify for rewards or not. For a more technical approach to learning how to use the Algodex Trading Bot, please refer to our docs page.

How it Works

We decided that the best way to describe how the trading bot works was by creating a tutorial.

Support the Project, Earn Rewards

By adding liquidity to Algodex, you are supporting our project immensely. We appreciate all the support, so we are rewarding users that provide high-quality liquidity to our decentralized exchange.

Liquidity is necessary for any order-book model exchange to run effectively. It helps ensure that market prices are accurately reflected, so users can purchase assets without feeling like they could get a better deal somewhere else.

No Computer Science Knowledge Necessary

Our Trading Bot was designed with users new to crypto and computer science in mind. We want our rewards system to be accessible to everyone, so we created a guided user interface that tells a user if they are or are not going to receive rewards with their current settings. No more having to manually calculate, create code, or use trial and error to see if you are eligible for rewards!

A Safe and Transparent Decentralized Application

Algodex is a decentralized exchange, and all of our products, including the trading bot, are also decentralized. Our exchange’s smart contracts have been audited to ensure that users are protected.

At the end of the day, these are your funds. You decide all the settings and when to start and stop the bot. You are also given a log panel that displays information on every move the bot makes.

To learn more about Algodex, read our docs and join us on our social media:

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